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Eric Jiang

Software Engineer

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G'day, I am

Eric Jiang.

I'm a Software Engineer.

I make impact to everyone by delivering awesome software solutions and I love building the communities around me.

I am...

currently in my final year (studying part-time) in my Bachelor of Information Technology at Monash University, and majoring in Computer networks and security.

You can find more about me and why I chose an IT degree at Monash here

Not only do I love writing awesome software and cybersecurity, I also love incoporating other sides of the tech field such as DevOps, Product Management, Software Engineering and Web/Cloud Technologies into my development practices.

Something that I'm currently proud of is winning the Rising Star Category of the 2019 itNews Benchmark Awards for founding and delivering MonPlan (while I'm still a student)

I also love impacting to everyone in the community, that is why I love mentoring other fellow developers, friends and family, and why I also love participating in many community events such as hackathons, conferences and meetups.

I have worked at...

Monash University

Monash University - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Software Engineer

Dec 2016 - Nov 2019

  • Successfully delivered MonPlan which is the enterprise course planning application for Monash University, from ideation all the way up to an enterprise production application through the multi-million dollar, high-profile Student First program. The application enhanced the business processes and the student experience
  • Winner for itnews 2019 Benchmark Awards - Rising Star Category
  • Actively building software using modern technologies (such as React, Express stack) and methodologies (such as Cloud Build for CI/CD) and using learnings to enhance delivery of future products.

I have made...

Featured Projects



Oct 2016 - Apr 2019

MonPlan is the official Monash University Course Planning Tool.



Mar 2016 - Present

MARIE.js is a very simple and intuitive Assembly Language Simulator. It is a web-based version of the MARIE simulator.

Other Projects

Bit by Bit 2019

Bit by Bit Hackathon is our hackathon for beginning hackers and is only available to Monash University students.


Gecko Download Manager (GeckoDM) is a Chrome Extension that improves downloading lectures from the Echo360 System.


A Rebuild of the Metro Trains PID Website by lorderikir


Fetching a GitHub Profile Card directly into Your Terminal

Some of the talks I have given include...

1 Aug 2019

Introduction to Git

Introduction to Git Workshop

19 Sep 2018

Building NodeJS Apps on Google’s Scalable Infrastructure for JuniorDev

This talk is a brief introduction to Google Cloud Platform and dives deep into Google App Engine. And Also deploying a NodeJS application to Google App Engine

30 Apr 2018

Student Innovation and Cloud Practices at Monash

This talk is about how we do Student Innovation as well as our Cloud Practices using Google Cloud Platform and demonstrates how it ties into our Service Delivery catering over 70,000 users at Monash University.

18 Apr 2018

Gitting Started at Hackathons

This talk is about using Git and Version Control, with basics as well as some complex ideas such as merging.

18 Apr 2018

Getting Started at Hackathons - Building MVPs using ReactJS and Firebase

This talk is about building Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) quickly using ReactJS as a frontend framework and Google Firebase for backend


I'm currently not available for contracting or freelancing, But feel free to shoot me an email at
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