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TechFest 2019 in Review

As some of you might know, I’ve recently joined Wired Monash – the Students IT Society as the Graduate Representative.

So, recently we’ve just completed a hectic week of events called TechFest! 🎉 And I was looking after many of the events. During TechFest we’ve tested out many ideas, including live streaming & just inviting a lot of sponsors for a week of awesome events.


Overall, TechFest went really well. I looked and helped coordinate after many of the events. But the ones that I lead included:

  • CyberSecurity Panel with IBM, EY & Deloitte
  • Docker from Scratch Workshop w/ Aaron Powell (Microsoft Azure Developer Advocate)
  • Breaking into Tech & Diversity Panel w/ Microsoft, Xero, REA Group & Red Hat

Live streaming

I really love playing with new technologies, and as I talked to a few fellow students, I realised that some of them might not be able to make it to classes either because of travel, studies or just other activities in general. So as part of Day 1, we launched our live streaming service to test it out.

As students use many platforms (and not on some in general), we had to find a solution that allows to stream to multiple services in general. In the end we settled on using a service called which allowed us to stream to multiple services at the same time.

By the looks of it we will be continuing to reinvest into Live Streaming and perhaps working with the AV team so we can capture both video input and display input (eSolutions).

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