Ways to Begin a Modern Project

Let’s be honest. Starting your own app its hard, sometimes you don’t know how to even start. Here’s some tips to get you started on a project.

1. Just Do It

All projects have to start somewhere, sometimes you think about it, and sometimes you overthink it. Talk with you friends, express your ideas, let it out. (Don’t let it go). Whatever you do, just start it. Your friends will eventually hop on the train (that you build, figuratively) with you.

No matter which project, it is always difficult to start. It doesn’t matter if you fall, just get up and try again.

2. Don’t Avoid Criticism, Embrace It.

We always hate criticism, its just natural. Sometimes its great to have some criticism. (It actually tells you where you can change and improve).

Criticism, especially from you user community is the best, introducing new features and fixing the bugs shows to your users that you actually care about them, making them use it even more and perhaps even spread the word further.

Something that I found is the criticism no matter how bad, is actually good. Also good to target the extra-20% (using the 80–20 rule) and make your product better than ever before.

3. How to Build it.

At lot of project these days fail because of the sheer size of the stack. Don’t worry about that. Figure out the best way to ship your app, remember many of users nowadays will come from the mobile side, meaning the any data you send has to be small, (the app/website can always request for more data!). For example, a website can have a ReactJS (with Redux) front-end and then contacting your API server whenever it needs more data. So a Front-end plus a backend connection is a great idea for modern apps!

4. Promote it

It doesn’t matter how big your app grows if you don’t have the userbase, promote it to your friends, boss or other social media channels.

5. Look at Modern Technologies

Front End

Sometimes it is quite awesome to learn new tech especially working on a new project. And if you building SPWA (Single-paged webapps) it is great to look at newer frameworks such as: React.js , Angular, and even VueJS. Some good reading material to look at includes:


Some good backend frameworks to looks like: Express, Hapi G ood Luck and Have Fun!

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