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Delivering Impact and Value where I see it

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Posted on 11 October 2019

I love delivering impact, whether its making impact to the end users, the business and by delivering awesome software solutions. I also love building the communities around me too. For today's blog post I just want to talk about why I want to deliver impact.

Mentoring, Teaching and Leading Others

To be honest, I never had a mentor. Instead I had an awesome group of friends, co-workers and higher-up managers which have supported me over my entire higher-education life. Most of the skills I’ve learnt has been self-taught but without these people supporting me, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I don't others to have the same problems, and that is why I never hesitate to help someone, whether it's my friends, classmates, co-workers I will always try and help them, just because I can.


Another part of time outside of work and study/uni is volunteering. I love giving back to the community. Unforunately, not many students like me already have a part time job in the industry. Instead I want to help them to achieve their dreams, give them opportunities to interact with the industry leaders, and even potentially give them a job offer.

And that is why for our WIRED Monash's Bit by Bit Hackathon this year, I spent at least 50 hours of my own time dedicated towards planning and organising this event.


Many of you know, I started MonPlan along with Josh Nelsson Smith, both of us wanted to deliver impact to students and improve their processes. Hence, our product tagline

The Monash University course planner built for students, by students.

Also knowing the impact you deliver is also really important - I didn't realise the amount of users that would use MonPlan until earlier this year, when MonPlan was introduced as part of the VTAC enrolment process.

That's basically it, that's just some food for thought that I had in my brain over the past couple of weeks, as I'm about to both leave Monash for study and work - that announcement in my blog is coming soon.

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